About The Artist

Oliwia Szczekot, the artist behind The Pink Dog, has been creating abstract art on canvas since 2014, and speaks of her paintings as “a manifestation of prayers and meditation, embodying and transferring positive vibes that support the energy in any given room.” Her medium is primarily canvas or wood, utilizing all sorts of paints; many of her works include healing crystals, dried flowers and herbs. According to Oliwia, these additional components are intended to “straighten the energy flow while triggering the viewer’s inner child, enabling a state of emotional wellness and harmony.”

Current Collaborations

The Pink Dog introduces a series of new paintings that will be on view throughout the month of August, at a series of wellness events, to raise funds in support of good causes. These events will be held in conjunction with Stop Poaching Now. The first event is a charity dinner at Omar’s La Goulue in NYC, that will focus on stopping the poaching of wild dogs in Asia and elsewhere, so the choice of art is both appropriate and symbolic. The second is scheduled in Palm Beach, and the third will be a “Casino Royale” themed multi-day event in L.A.

Proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be split between Stop Poaching Now, an organization with a strong focus on conservation and works to educate and prevent the killing of endangered species and other animals in the wild; and Nature Mates, a non-profit with a primary mission to help keep beaches and recreational areas clean and pristine. Nature Mates generates sustainable remedies for the ailments our planet is suffering due to years of reckless human behavior, such as littering and the lack of cognizance of the importance of recycling. They are promoting ethical ideas which are beneficial to the planet, and good for us all.

The Pink Dog introduces a series of new paintings. Each of the pieces in this Pink Dog series express an encouraging message that reminds us of the most important things in life: themes of love, loyalty and respect for yourself and others; friends and family; opening your heart for your soulmate; feeling and spreading happiness; relishing your freedom; and always dreaming big.

The Pink Dog makes us remember that it is important to be loyal to yourself and to recognize your own inner beauty. Everyone deserves to be happy! In the 420 Art series, the dog in the paintings rides a skateboard and smokes a joint, which associates the images with the goal to have marijuana legalized across the country, while sustaining the artist’s vision that legalization will result in a happier and healtier population.

The instantly iconic artwork features a unique Pink Dog, who represents the artist’s wish that people should adopt animals, and dogs in particular, not because of the way they look, but based on their great personality and their character. It’s a gentle reminder to us all that the outer shell is not really important, it is the soul that matters, for dogs and for humankind.

The Pink Dog introduces a series of new paintings. Oliwia Szczekot, the artist behind The Pink Dog, has been creating abstract art on canvas since 2014.